[mythtv-users] mythmusic and ALSA/SPDIF question - SPDIF working for everything but mythmusic

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Sep 24 14:27:23 EDT 2004

Vinton Coffman wrote:

> I have ALSA output through the SPDIF working with live tv and recorded 
> by following the HOWTO on mythtv.info and using the second, 
> comprehensive .asoundrc file on that site.  I changed mythtv's audio 
> device to "ALSA:mixed-digital" per the HOWTO and mythvideo to "-ao 
> alsa9:mixed-digital".  Both work well.  I can run aplay and get other 
> sounds to play while watching live tv, so there doesn't seem to be any 
> blocking going on.
> I noticed some minor popping the other night but my myth box is Athlon 
> 2500 and it was recording with both pvr-250's, flaggingcomms (low cpu 
> setting) and I was watching a previously recorded show.  The popping 
> started when I skipped backward but went away by exiting and opening 
> the show again.  Not worried about that, a faster cpu would probably 
> fix that.
> The problem is I can't find a usable device for mythmusic.  No matter 
> what I put in Setup->Media->music->general audio device, I get this 
> error "AudioOutput: timed-out opening 'ALSA:mixed-digital'."  The AC3 
> pass thru is off too.  This was the only solution I could find in the 
> archive, but I didn't have it set to start with.
> Does anyone have SPDIF output working with mythmusic?  What device did 
> you use?  Is the the same as mythvideo or mythtv?

I don't believe MythMusic has ALSA support.  I use the OSS emulation of 
ALSA and reroute all PCM data to the SPDIF connector as you probably saw 
on mythtv.info


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