[mythtv-users] Choppy HDTV playback

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Fri Sep 24 13:06:13 EDT 2004

At 16:51 24/09/2004, you wrote:
>Curious if anyone has any ideasÖÖ I get fairly choppy playback on an 
>Athlon XP 2600 with XVMC enabled on an nforce2 motherboard. The thing I 
>find odd is that my CPU usage is only around 60-70%. If I tell it to use 
>video as a timebase it actually slows the audio down at times, so I donít 
>think itís a horsepower issue, more a syncing problem. Any ideas? Iíve 
>tried openGL sync on and off, XVMC on and off, but no dice. Oh, also of 
>note this is on a network connected frontend streaming from the backend 
>over a 100mbps connection. Thanks in advance,

Are you definitely running the network at 100Mbit/s? Are you using the 
onboard nVidia ethernet, or a different one? A couple of the nForce2's in 
the office have rather disappointing transfer rates (we're lucky if we get 
30Mb/s out of them). IIRC a normal HDTV stream shouldn't use up more than 
about 20Mbit/s, but if your NIC isn't performing as advertised you'll get 
dropped frames... although this would probably manifest itself differently 
from the symptoms you're seeing...

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