[mythtv-users] FAO m0j0 RE: TIVO34-lircd.conf

Weston, Toby (ELS) T.Weston at elsevier.com
Fri Sep 24 04:42:05 EDT 2004


Sorry for the new message, I lost the thread from the mailing list to reply

anyway, thanks m0j0 for the TIVO34-lircd.conf file
(http://www.foofus.net/jmk/) which I use and unlike my efforts at creating
one, actually works :) I wondered though if someone could clear something up
for me, I noticed that there is two codes for the LIVETV and GUIDE buttons. 

   LIVETV                   0x0000000000008807
   GUIDE                    0x0000000000006C03

On my remote, these are the same button (LiveTV above the button, Guide
below) and a friend says on his actual TiVO they just do different things in
different screens.

I was wondering if its possible to send these two different codes from the
same button, kind of switch between them? does that make sense? So somehow
get irw to show GUIDE or LIVETV when I press the button. I use native lirc
support in Myth btw.

It might just be that my remote is a older one (I got it here
&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW) but if it turns out I get a couple of extra buttons
for free great! 

Thanks in advance for any tips,

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