[mythtv-users] pvr-350 ivtv test_capture.mpg

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 23 18:56:51 EDT 2004

On 09/23/2004 02:49 PM, Prash wrote:

>Have you set your tuner type correctly? From the logs I can see that your
>tuner type is 47 (modprobe tveeprom).
Thanks for catching that, Prash.  Mike, sorry I missed that earlier (too 
busy with my IR transmitter debugging....).

>This should be set in the ivtv
>options of modprobe.conf.
Only if using a version of ivtv less than ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck108l and if 
not using Axel's patched ivtv-0.1.10pre2-ck108k (which you are using).  
Therefore, do *not* put any module options in the modprobe.conf--your 
tuner will be (and is being) autodetected.

So, why doesn't it work if it's being autodetected?  Well, Mike, you're 
the proud owner of a PVR-350 with a tuner type that Hauppauge just 
started using (the LG NTSC (TAPE series) tuner).  Before Hauppauge began 
using them, there was no support for the tuner in Linux.  Therefore, 
you'll have to ensure you're using a patched version of the kernel's 
tuner module.  Today, Axel released an RPM of the latest video4linux 
snapshot that has support for the tuner (see 
http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/Sep-2004/msg00737.html ).

Unfortunately, there's a possibility that the video4linux snapshots Axel 
built are using an incorrect tuner definition (the video4linux snapshot 
hasn't been updated).  I sent a couple of e-mails to Axel to try to find 
out, but he hasn't seen them (or they got filtered out as spam :).  So, 
I recommend installing the video4linux snapshot as described in Axel's 
message above.  If you still get snow, it's got the wrong definition, 
and between this message the message you post after trying with your 
results ;), Axel and I will both know.

Thanks and good luck,

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