[mythtv-users] MythTV and DISH - a great solution

David Shay david at shay.net
Thu Sep 23 12:55:18 EDT 2004

> Nice guide.  I've been considering going the satelite route for my next
> I'm curious if this same process can be generalize to be used on all
> satelite networks (ie. Direct TV)
> If not, what changes do you think would need to be looked at?
> Thanks again for the guide.
I just went a similar route to control my Scientific Atlanta 2200 box, after
having similar woes with making my own. My linux skills are much better than
my soldering skills...  In any case, the guide is applicable.  The only
thing to be changed is the remote code.  There is a text file which shows
what code to use for what cable/sattelite box.  In some cases there are
multiple choices.  There is a script with the code that allows you test test
out different codes to determine which one can control the box.  There are
other variables in the script that can be changed to speed up the channel
change process as well.  Also, if I were to buy one now, I would buy the RF
version.  It's $10 bucks more, but includes the ability to use a wired IR
emitter, which would have made for a cleaner looking install.

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