[mythtv-users] Re: Best approach for TV output (composite/s-video)?

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Sep 23 12:02:51 EDT 2004

At 16:18 23/09/2004, you wrote:
>The question was asked on the "TVOut" context and the advice was "if you
>want to run latest distros (say FC2 with 2.6.8 kernel) then don't go for
>Their closed source driver
>1) do not support kernel>2.4
>2) refuses to compile with Xorg
>3) supports only XFree - obviously very few wuld want to switch back to
>XFree when latest distros are abandoning it.
>Hope this makes it a bit more clearer. You can't use gatos either cos'
>gatos is in the process of migrating stuff to Xorg.
>All I'm saying is if TVOut is what you want and you are not willing to run
>older distros then you should look for other chipsets mainly because
>drivers are not there yet.

I'd have to echo Prash's comments (although I am not an ATI user). Their 
Linux drivers are perpetually severely behind the times, for the reasons 
Prash has stated. That's not to say nVidia are problem free - they're not - 
but their Linux development moves a helluva lot faster than ATI's.

Granted, from what I've read pver the past few months the ATI drivers are 
coming along nicely (now using glue code like nVidia, etc etc), but if they 
can't keep better pace they will lose a large proportion of the Linux 
market. Lots of gentoo users have fled because of the difficulty of getting 
these drivers to work with any remotely non-standard installation.

> > Prash <prashk at staff.btltd.net> wrote:
> >> - If you're buying a box with a builtin tvout and you want to run latest
> >> distros then don't go for ATI. Their closed source drivers suck. SiS and
> >> Nvidia is your best bet with plenty of support. I've heard Via is pretty
> >> good as well.
> >
> > I would say that you are quite incorrect on that.  ATI proprietary drivers
> > work splendidly for me and many others.  And with the price of the Radeon
> > 9200SE as low as it is, you get excellent value for your dollar too.

I was under the impression that the 9200 series were excellently supported 
by the open source drivers...?

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