[mythtv-users] Best approach for TV output (composite/s-video)?

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Sep 23 06:49:56 EDT 2004

> I'd tend to go with a video card versus the PVR-350 - it's much less 
> complicated.  :)
 	If you're going to buy a new vid card for the application, you might 
want to consider a scanline converter.  It'll be the easiest way to get a good 
vid card interfacing with a TV without having driver, Xf86config file option 
woes, crappy quality, etc.  I'm sure the quality is to some degree what you pay 
for, but I'd think that for $50-100 you could get a decent one?  I'm a big 
believer that the *less* "flicker reduction filtering" it has, the better it 
is... TV's flicker... get over it!  :)


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