[mythtv-users] Only noise when watching TV no sound at all when recording ?

Tom E. Craddock, Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Thu Sep 23 01:36:07 EDT 2004


Yeah wed would like to help you, its just that you didnt give any 
information about the hardware, distro, myth version, etc.  Have you 
searched this mailing list for your hardware and distro and your 
problem?  Have you googled it?  Have you read thru the docs at 
mythtv.org?  If your running FC2, and a good overal guide, is at 
http://www.wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php.  Those are the best things to 
search thru at the very least to see if there are any resolutions for 
your problem. If all those come up empty, please let us know and provide 
more detailed info about your setup.

Tom E. Craddock, Jr.

barmeier wrote:

>when using mythtv and watch live TV I only have noise in my speakers. I
>can control the volume with f10/f11 but it is only noise. 
>When I record something there is no audio at all.
>How can I change this,
>does somebody has hint for me ?
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