[mythtv-users] Best approach for TV output (composite/s-video)?

Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com
Wed Sep 22 16:18:27 EDT 2004


I've been using Myth since about v0.7, and I think I'm finally on the verge
of buying the equipment for a set-top box, so we can actually watch
recorded shows on our TV.  I saw the thread started by mladwig at comcast, but
the TV in that thread accepts component inputs.  Unfortunately, my TV will
only accept s-video or composite inputs.

I've seen people mention using NVidia cards with tv-out, and I've seen
people using the PVR-350s.  The set-top box I have in mind out has enough
horsepower that it doesn't need the decoding capabilities of the PVR-350,
but it might be worth it to go ahead and get it if the video quality is
noticeably better than what I would get from an NVidia card.  (I could
always use another tuner anyway.)

Given that we'd probably be using the box for TV, MythVideo, MythMusic, and
MythGame (as well as some of the other modules -- those are the ones I can
think that would be graphically intensive (including visualizations in
MythMusic that might benefit from hardware acceleration)), does anyone have
suggestions as to which way to go?

Thanks for reading.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I'm subscribed to the digest for this list.  Does anyone know how I
can reply to messages in this thread without creating a new top-level post?
Or do I just need to change to non-digest mode?

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