[mythtv-users] Re: dsp audio with cx8800 cards

Brent Fisher brentfisher at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 22 15:37:32 EDT 2004

I recently had exactly the same problem - I spent several days searching for the answer.  It turned out to be that the settings in alsamixer were incorrect.  I'm assuming that you are using ALSA.

You have to set the capture correctly in alsamixer.  This is done by pressing the space bar on the correct item at which point a red "CAPTUR" indicator should appear above the device.

I have 2 different motherboards with built-in sound chips.  On one of them I need to set capture on the "Line" item.  On the other, I need to set it to the "Capture" item.

Once you have done this you can actually mute the item and the audio will still be captured.

You may have to experiment a bit.


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