[mythtv-users] Stutter before commercials in livetv

huffman at graze.net huffman at graze.net
Wed Sep 22 14:34:03 EDT 2004

"Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote: 
> Note that Mark is talking about
> Extra audio buffering
> Enable this setting if MythTV is playing "crackly" audio and you are 
> using hardware encoding. This setting will have no effect on MPEG-4 or 
> RTJPEG video. MythTV will keep extra audio data in its internal buffers 
> to workaround this bug.
> Not
> Aggressive Soundcard Buffering
> If enabled, MythTV will pretend to have a smaller soundcard buffer than 
> is really present.  This may speed up seeking, but can also cause 
> playback problems.

I understand the difference and I'm fairly certain that I did enable the "extra"
audio buffering, however I'll check when I get home this evening.  In addition, 
I'll look for frontend output, although I don't recall seeing anything out of
the ordinary.  BTW - Not to be anal, but is setting extra buffering perhaps just
masking the problem?  What would require extra buffering when fading to black? 
What is happening that is CPU / bandwidth intensive that causes the need for
extra buffering?


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