[mythtv-users] Pundit Setup

Ashley Bostock abostock at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 13:14:03 EDT 2004

They still have the original pundits on ebuyer.co.uk:

I have the exact setup you are after, 2 dvb cards (nova-t) and it all
works fine.
I have the front and backend on the same machine (even have it turning
auto itself on and off when its needed for recording a show), tv out
works great on the original pundit.  Mine has a 2ghz celeron with
256mb ram (64mb of which is used for the graphics card) and 160gb

I can record 2 shows and watch a recording all at the same time
without any problems.  Also very quiet, can only just hear the fan on
it from a meter or so away (unless you are thrashing the cpu, like
compiling, but under normal mythtv watching conditions its more or
less silent)

 I was thinking on moding it to put the optical out somewhere else
other than the front, but havent had time to look into it yet.

Hope that helps

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 12:31:48 +0100 (BST), Prash <prashk at staff.btltd.net> wrote:
> Yes the only problem in pundit-r is the built in tvout which will not work
> if you use a kernel>2.4 & use ati's closed source drivers.
> The other option is experimental gatos.sf.net - I haven't got it working
> on my fc2 because the source has not yet been migrated to Xorg.
> However you can always use PVR350s tvout which works a treat but you cn't
> adjust the overscan on X. Myth works great.
> They've replaced all pundit with pundit-r in all my nearby stores but you
> might get lucky.
> > Hi, I've finally gotten around to building myself a nice little PVR
> > for recording Digital Terrestrial signals in the UK.
> >
> > I did have my heart set on a Chaintech 7nif2 but these no longer seem
> > to exist in the UK :(  so I'm currently looking at using an ASUS
> > Pundit-R.  I'd like this machine to be both my front-end and backend
> > box, with 2 Hauppauge Nova-t PCI cards in it.  I understand that these
> > cards strip an mpeg2 signal off the air, so am I correct in thinking I
> > may be able to skimp on the processor?
> >
> > If so, does anyone have any experience of the hardware setup for an
> > ASUS Pundit-R, i..e recommendations on the CPU type + speed to go for
> > in my case?  Has anyone fitted 2 Nova-t's into a Pundit (I've seen
> > comments on websites that some full-size cards may have problems
> > fitting in ? )
> >
> > Also the SP-DIF on the front, are there any easyish case-modifications
> > that can perhaps shift this to the back or at least back/side ?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
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