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David Shay david at shay.net
Wed Sep 22 08:22:55 EDT 2004

The cheapest "front-end-like" device is a Hauppauge MediaMVP box
(http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/products/data_mediamvp.html) .  In the US,
it can be had for about $86 these days.  Then, instead of using the software
that it comes with, use the software available here:

It connects to your LAN and also to your TV, and has a built-in MPEG
decoder.  The software listed above allows the box to play any MythTV TV
recording and has an easy to use menu structure.  Right now, it can only
play recordings.  People are working on adding the ability to delete
recordings and schedule new ones as well.

If you NFS share your music directory, it can play music as well, although
it doesn't have any true playlist capabilities.  If all you are really
looking for is a way to watch your recorded TV shows, I HIGHLY recommend
this as a cheap, simple solution.

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> Hi,
> So now that I have my backend nearly finished, I need a new task. As I
> need a frontend to sit next to my TV, I thought of using my Epia M with
> its 600MHz Cleo CPU, but Linux does have a few issues with Via. So I
> thought of using a XBox - to that I have a few questions:
> - Which modchip should I use?
> - Are there any problems, why this setup shouldn't be the ideal one?
> Thanks for your thoughts
> Verteiler
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