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1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 21 18:42:00 EDT 2004


I did a few searches (list, Google, etc) and can't find any info about this.

On some of my recorded programs, there is pixelation occuring on a regular 
basis for about 1 second every 5 seconds. Its quite annoying. I have MythTV 
set to transcode automatically after recording, so am assuming its something 
thats happneing during transcoding as opposed to when it capture the 
original stream.

I can't seem to hunt down a pattern for how or when it occurs, random shows, 
random channels and maybe only 20% of ym recorded shows have this problem. 
It makes them unwatcheable.

The picture sort of smears or freezes and then there is some pixelation as 
it "catches up" to the current frame. It is not a playback issue as it 
occurs in the same place on the recorded program each time, and does not 
occur on all recordings.

Any ideas from the list would be appreciated. My only theory is that during 
transcoding the CPU is at maximum and its not able to trancode "properly" 
but I don't know what could be chewing it up so much and I can't trace it 
easily as I don't know if/when it is happening. I have Commercial flagging 
CPU set to Medium, could this be the problem?

The box is a 2.4GHz P4 with 1GB RAM, dedicated /video disk (XFS) and it 
pretty much just does MythTV stuff (unless I am surfing on it for 
MythTV-related issues). I am running the nvidia 6111 drivers, the latest 
ivtv drivers (108k I believe)and the latest version of MythTV from Apt.


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