[mythtv-users] bindings for special KEY_* keys

Kendric Beachey kendric.beachey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 17:38:40 EDT 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:14:55 -0400 (EDT), Ian Morgan <imorgan at webcon.ca> wrote:
> I have a Logitech wireless keyboard for my new MythTV PVR that has a bunch
> of extra "media" keys, like search, volume, fwd, back, etc. that generate
> (according to input-evdev).
> I have updated the keybindings table in mythconverg to replace, for example,
>         P with P,KEY_PLAYPAUSE
> and
>         [,{,F11 with [,{,KEY_VOLUMEDOWN
> etc.
> But, of course, Myth doesn't seem to recognize those special key identifiers.
> Does anybody know the correct way to get Myth to recognise the special keys?

If you are using KDE, you can (probably) use KDE's hot keys to make
the extra keys at the top of your keyboard do stuff.

I found a good tutorial here:  http://linuxgazette.net/104/brown.html

My exact keyboard model was not included, but I found something close,
and as such I was able to get most of the keys to do what I wanted. 
The main exception that I cared about was the volume up/down and mute,
as it seems something in the KDE system grabs those.  When I press
them I get a TV-ish popup in the middle of the screen showing the
current volume level or mute status.  The funny thing is that this
doesn't actually change the volume level.  But maybe you will find
your exact keyboard model and it will work for you.  Good luck!
Kendric Beachey

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