[mythtv-users] No sound in recording

Tim Sailer tps at buoy.com
Tue Sep 21 16:40:03 EDT 2004

Hi, folks. I've been trying to get mythtv working for about a month
now, with very limited success. I'm running Debian, and using the
binary packages. I have a Soyo motherboard based on the Via
chipsets, both video and sound. The video sucks. I'll get another
card, no problem. My problem is sound. I can take an mpg from my
replayTV, and play it through Mythfrontend, and it looks reasonable,
and sounds great. If I record a program from my TV wonder VE, I get
video, but no sound. The capture card has to have the jumper from
the audio out to the line in on the sound card. I can hear the sound
fine while recording, plus, the sound plays even though nothing is
playing/recording, but that's a muting problem from what I can read.
I've tried the OSS and ALSA drivers, no difference. I'd rather
stick with ALSA, as I'm running a 2.6 kernel. I even went out and
bought a SB Live card, thinking the crappy onboard card was the cause.
Nope. Same problem. I see that lots of people are running this 
capture/tuner card. What's the magic incantation? I've read until
I'm cross-eyed...


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