[mythtv-users] Re: Display episode number in program guide

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Sep 21 16:23:25 EDT 2004

Kristian Eide wrote:
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>>Press "U". Read the keys.txt sometime for other features that
>>you may not be aware of.
> Yes, I am aware of the extra info screen (but thanks for the keys.txt tip!), 
> however, it still does not display the episode number! Is it supposed to?

No. It can only disply information that exists. Any TV production
can number or identify any of their episodes however they please.
There are no rules for numbering episodes and no requirement that
they give this information to the listings database clearinghouse.
Right now I have 30332 listings and 11232 (only about a third) have
a syndicatedepisodenumber. Some random examples look like this:
9021, HI157, 102, 11111, 3X02, NL03, 010, 3018W, W402, HD092404.

For Data Direct, there are two distinctly different identifiers;
the producer's ID and the TMS database programid. Every show in
their database has to have a programid.

If you are using XMLTV or some other grabber, the chances that
the episode numbers survive producer->service database->web page
creation->scrapper->XML output->mythfilldatabase are slim to none.
[This is one of several things that sucked about XMLTV in North
America. The programid's existed on the web pages but the XMLTV
folks didn't see the value of passing these on in their output.]

However, if you have episode numbers for some shows on the web
pages that your grabber uses, you could try modifying the grabber
and/or mythfilldatabase to stuff these into syndicatedepisodenumber
but there is still no guarantee that you will have episode numbers
for all shows.

--  bjm

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