[mythtv-users] PVR-250 and Closed Captions

Daniel Savard Daniel.Savard at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 13:26:14 EDT 2004

I tested the CC from the ivtv driver yesterday with ck110m, my
previous test (few weeks ago) was non-conclusive. The text was not
shown properly, in particular when some french characters where sent.
However, ck110m seems to do it right. I was able to have the CC using
the vbi_passthrough utility redirecting the CC to /dev/vbi8 from vbi0.

So, I tried to make it working with MythTV, but nothing appears. I
just read few minutes ago on the dev mailing-list this is not yet
supported for DVB and PVR-X50 cards.

So, seems there is still some code pieces missing to make it working
properly. I tried to track down in the source code what is happening
and where it is broken, but I was not lucky enough to find it
yesterday. Will do some more tests this evening. It seems MythTV is
actually opening the /dev/vbi0 device to read from it. There is no
error message saying the VBI thread has failed, so, I assumed it.

Daniel Savard

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