[mythtv-users] LiveTV channel not changing

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Tue Sep 21 06:29:18 EDT 2004

I'm experiencing some odd behavior with watching live tv.


Here's what seems to have happened:


1)       Tuner 1 began recording of a show

2)       I watched live TV on tuner 2 and tuned to a channel number that is
*not* present on Tuner 1 (I was on 160 on tuner 2, tuner 1 only has 87)

3)       I exited live TV and looked at what was recording. It sucked so I
deleted the recording

4)       I went back to live TV.  However, since Tuner 1 was now free, it
went there.

5)       Now I cannot change the channel.  It seems to be stuck on the
channel it was previously recording on, but the OSD shows *NO* information
and typing in a channel number does no good.  It pauses as if changing, but
goes no where.  Up/Down arrows do the same.

6)       If I change to Tuner 2, I can change channels and browse fine.

7)       If I switch back to Tuner 1, I am still stuck


Anyone have *any* ideas what might cause this?




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