[mythtv-users] Card PVR250/350 alternative

Prash prashk at staff.btltd.net
Tue Sep 21 03:12:50 EDT 2004

Hi People,

Since PVR 250/350 have no autoscanning feature available - I'm looking for
an alternative. Can anyone recommend one? I've heard about brooktree -
what brand and model should I be looking for?

Will ivtv drivers work with brroktree or do I need to get a driver from
somewhere else? I quite like the PVR250/350 quality but since xawtv or any
other software do not scan channels with PVRs and I want to build an
interface to iron out some rough spots on myth like the grabber (where you
have to switch between commandline and gui) and add a channel scanning
feature which will automatically populate the database.

Thanks in advance.


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