[mythtv-users] DVD eject button

Lorrin Nelson lhn+mythtv at nerdylorrin.net
Tue Sep 21 01:04:48 EDT 2004

On 9/20/2004 2:30 AM, Charlie Brej wrote:
> Lorrin Nelson wrote:
>> This is more of a Linux question than a MythTV question, but I'm 
>> hoping someone can help. Once I put a DVD in my MythTV box I can't get 
>> it out with the eject button on the drive. Is there a way to fix this? 
>> Switching to a command prompt and running "eject" each time is a 
>> little tedious.
>> One thing that's odd is that even after an apparently successful 
>> umount the drive's still mounted:
>> tomato:/etc/X11# umount -v /dev/hdc
>> /dev/hdc umounted
>> tomato:/etc/X11# mount | grep hdc
>> /dev/hdc on /media/cdrom0 type iso9660 
>> (ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev,user=mythtv)
>> But eject works:
>> tomato:/etc/X11# eject -v
>> eject: using default device `cdrom'
>> eject: device name is `cdrom'
>> eject: expanded name is `/cdrom'
>> eject: `/cdrom' is a link to `/media/cdrom0'
>> eject: `/dev/hdc' is mounted at `/media/cdrom0'
>> eject: unmounting `/dev/hdc'
>> eject: `/dev/hdc' is a multipartition device
>> eject: trying to eject `/dev/hdc' using CD-ROM eject command
>> eject: CD-ROM eject command succeeded
>> I checked, it's not a hardware problem with the button.
> I think you might be running gnome or some other system which mounts the 
> cd when it detects it. Turn off mounting. Instead use automount.
> In "/etc/auto.master" insert the line:
> "/misc   /etc/auto.misc --timeout=2"
> and in "/etc/auto.misc" add the line:
> "cd              -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/cdrom"
> (assuming /dev/cdrom is linked to your cd drive (ala /dev/cdrom -> 
> /dev/hdb)
> Now you can just enter /misc/cd and your cdrom will be automounted and 
> after 2 seconds of non usage can be ejected. You will need to blindly 
> walk into the directory as it doesn't appear until you have mounted. 
> Also as usual it will not unmount unless you have left the cdrom 
> directory. Make soft links to it from your videos directory in order to 
> watch stuff from CD's.

Hey, thanks for the help. I did just install enlightenment, so perhaps 
you're right. However, I don't see any settings relating to auto 
mounting (perhaps because I don't know where to look?). I did just 
discover that the problem only occurs when MythTV is running. Does that 
indicate that it's a problem with MythTV?


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