[mythtv-users] NUVEXPORT: failing on FC1 - help!

Blammo [doh] blammo.doh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 00:59:18 EDT 2004

FC1, all prereq's installed that I can find.
Latest nuvexport.

opened program, loaded cutlist, saved, ran nuvexport

<----- SNIP ---->

Choose a function:  14
Where would you like to export the files to? [.] 
Output filename?  [Jeopardy! - Tournament of Champions.mpg] 
[tcprobe] MPEG program stream (PS)
which: no Xvfb in
Using mode X
Filename "/myth/tv/1015_20040920163000_20040920170000.nuv"
OutFile "Jeopardy! - Tournament of Champions.mpg"
Last GOP index 3588
Cutlist "-8473 12097-21031 24663-36519 42583-"
Finding the AV Offset to use with lvemux:-33
Finding framerate:29.970
Last Frame 53820
Indexing the file with avidemux2
Cutting out commercials with avidemux2
/usr/local/bin/mpeg2cut: line 169: 30503 Aborted                 nice
-n 19 avidemux2 --load-workbench ${BASENAME}.cut --audio-codec MP2
--save-raw-video ${BASENAME}.m2v --save-raw-audio ${BASENAME}.mp2
--quit 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
Remultiplexing video
GOP timestamps will be rebuild   
ERROR: opening A/V streams (0/1)
Cleaning up
rm: cannot remove `1015_20040920163000_20040920170000.mp2': No such
file or directory

I know I'm missing something obvious..

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