[mythtv-users] [Just a bit off topic] Request for info

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Tue Sep 21 00:42:47 EDT 2004

I'm asking this question on a couple of other forums, but I've learned that
the MythTV community usually does a good job of answering questions quickly
and straight-up.  Also, since I completely blame MythTV for causing me to
even *think* about this, it's also a bit apropos.

I want to buy a HD/Big-screen TV to hook to my MythTV box.  A year ago I
wouldn't have dreamed of spending 3-6K on a TV, but now...well Myth has
changed my mind.  The trick, though, is that I want to be sure it connects
well to my MythTV box.  Should I:

a) Buy one that has the RGB input

b) Can I use the DVI input on some of the TVs with my DVI output on my video

c) Is there some other way I'm missing?

I appreciate the help


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Ok, I just loaded Windows XP up on the harddrive I do backups on, loaded up
my Hauppauge software, and tried the remote control and suprise, suprise it
doesn't work.  So what are my next options? Is there a universal remote I
can get(Would there be any compatibility issues)? If so which would be the
best?  Would another remote also come with an IR reciever or would I use the
one for my current remote? Please let me know what you think.


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