[mythtv-users] OK button repeats on PVR-350 Remote

Adam Siegel adam at sycamore.us
Tue Sep 21 00:09:32 EDT 2004

I just did an apg-get upgrade and downloaded the lastest mythtv-frontend 
It seems that when I press the OK button on the Hauppage remote 
(Simulates hitting Space or Enter on keyboard),
that the front end executes the command for the keypressed event and the 
keyreleased event.  It used
to work fine in the prior version.  It seems the code should ignore the 
keypressed event and only respond to keyreleased.
All other keys work fine.  I have watched the output of irw and only one 
event is being sent for keypressed and
keyreleased.  Appreciate any help.


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