[mythtv-users] Is PVR-350 Slow to change Channels?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 20 13:39:22 EDT 2004

On 09/19/2004 09:42 PM, vasudeva wrote:

>* on 09-19-04, John Andersen wrote:
>>My PVR-350 can take as much a 5 to 7 seconds to change channels.
>>Is that Normal?
>I wouldn't say my PVR 350 takes 7 seconds, but it's definitely
>slow -- 2-4 seconds, maybe?
Remember that everything you watch is being written to disk.  Myth, by 
itself, will buffer 2 seconds of video before playback.  Therefore, the 
quickest you could possibly change a channel is 2 seconds.  However, the 
PVR-350 also has an internal buffer on the card, therefore, it can take 
longer when using the 350's TV out (should be around 4 seconds, because 
the PVR-350 has about a 2 sec buffer on board).

The solution:  Always use browse mode when changing channels in LiveTV 
(under Settings, TV, Playback).  Find the program you want to watch in 
the browse mode or EPG and then change channels.


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