[mythtv-users] Automatic Commercial Detection - how to get it

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Mon Sep 20 09:53:42 EDT 2004

At 13:51 20/09/2004, you wrote:
>Why not feed all things that we think important to commercial detection
>into a feed forward neural network. The network could be trained on
>shows that the user has checked.
>What parameters could be useful as inputs?

<wishlist pie_in_the_sky=130% i_cant_code_for_toffee=287%>

Add the feature to study the audio waveform for 1-4 minute jumps in ambient 
Add the feature to look for the aforementioned jumps i aspect ratio
Stop commercial detection inventing ridiculously long adverts
Decouple them all from one another and allow combinations of individual 
commflag tests to individual channels
Allow for sensitivity adjustments/training on a per-channel basis
The ability to show mythcommflag a segment of the channel splash screen you 
get between ads on some channels (like on ITV) to look out for (I seem to 
recall a setting in there called logo detection, maybe this was it, but I 
never got around to playing with it)


I'm sure there's plenty more ideas other people can come up with. 
Personally, pretty much the only ads I see are on channel 4 in the UK (ITV 
and 5, er, suck) and the combo of blank frame detection in conjunction with 
scene change works quite well there. 

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