[mythtv-users] No black bars behind CC text in 0.16

Fredrik Abrahamson mythtv-users at fredrik.ca
Sun Sep 19 21:25:58 EDT 2004


I've been using MythTV 0.13 - 0.15(.1) for almost a year now, and
everything has been working really well. I'm using closed caption on both
live TV and recordings, and up until now it has displayed fine, with a
black bar behind each line of text.

However, since I updated to MythTV 0.16, there are no longer any black
bars behind the text. The text is just white on transparent background,
making it a bit difficult to read.

- Switching between the two different CC fonts makes no difference.
- Same behavior on both live TV and watching recordings.
- No other display issues with.

I've tried to search the forums, but couldn't find anything on this
subject for 0.16.

System: Pundit (not -R) with a Leadtek WinFast 2000 XP running Gentoo.
Window manager is KDE. Granted, I haven't updated too many of the Gentoo
packages in the last 6 months or so, since I rather have a stable system
than a bleeding edge box that might not work properly.

Most grateful if anyone can shed some light in this matter.

Thanks in advance,


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