[mythtv-users] Timeslot scheduling bug?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Sep 19 20:09:41 EDT 2004

Cedric Tefft wrote:

> I just noticed that with a weekly timeslot recording, myth won't 
> consider earlier or later showings of that same episide even when 
> doing so would avoid a conflict. For example, let's say I've told Myth 
> to record "Show A" on Channel 1 every Friday at 9 p.m. But this week, 
> I've also scheduled a one-time recording for 9 pm Friday on Channel 
> 2.  Now, here's the thing.  Even though Channel 1 re-airs the 9 pm 
> episode of "Show A" at 11 pm, Myth won't resolve the conflict by 
> bumping the recording of Show A to the 11 pm  timeslot.

> P.S:   Oh, and I know somebody's bound to ask why I don't just use the 
> "always record on this channel" option.  The answer is that if Channel 
> 1 airs re-runs of "Show A" at other times of the week, you end up 
> recording a bunch of re-runs that you never really wanted.  If the new 
> episodes are always aired Fridays at 9, the weekly timeslot recording 
> is really what you're after..

You asked and answered your own question.

"Record in this timeslot" is literal and only records at that time 
(although I think it gives some leeway +/- to account for special 2 hour 
episodes of a 1 hour show, etc. but don't quote me on that).

"Record at any time on this channel" doesn't take the timeslot into 
account (which is what you are looking for).

I can only assume that you must not have the duplicate detection turned 
on because it is the situation in your P.S. that this feature 
addresses.  Whether by title, subtitle or the new Repeat designator in 
0.16, this feature works great for me.  I rarely set "in this timeslot" 
recordings because of it.  I find that "record at any time" works better 
to account for both the situation you describe and the networks 
propensity to move shows around in the lineup.  This way, I allow the 
scheduler to be smarter and also catch recordings I may otherwise miss 
by being too restrictive.


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