[mythtv-users] Odd PVR-350 FC2 Error: /dev/video0 Input/output Error

vasudeva vasudeva at megarad.com
Sun Sep 19 14:15:38 EDT 2004

* on 09-19-04, Daniel Savard wrote:
> Could you please redo you test and use the -v option to turn on all
> debugging messages for the mythbackend and post the appropriate
> logfile section or put it on your website?
> Steps:
> - reboot your system (if mythbackend is automatically started, disable it)
> - lsmod to make sure all the modules are loaded
> - start mythbackend with -v all or --verbose all
> - try to switch to liveTV

Actually, I've gotten LiveTV to work. I did some poking around, and
saw a couple threads that suggested chmoding all the relevant
devices 777, and that along with some ivtvctl calls seem to enable
me to watch LiveTV.

It's slow to change channels, and I need to figure out how to push
the OSD over a couple pixels.  The offset settings in the setup
portion only seem to take affect if I run mythfrontend in a window,
which works, until I go to watch LiveTV, and then the TV signal
shows, with a giant black square in front of it exactly the size and
position of the now-invisible mythfrontend interface.  So I have
LiveTV working great, but the OSD is wonky.  It probably has
something to do with the fact that I can't get my X display to fit
the TV exactly -- it goes over the edges by probably 50 or 80 pixels
in all directions.

But I have a new problem.  All the recordings I've scheduled so far
seem to stop early, judging by their size, and when I play then,
the screen just goes black.  No video or audio.  The thumbnails for
them in "Manage Recordings" is also just black.  I just scheduled
another test recording and left the interface displaying the Guide,
and X froze up 14 minutes in.  If the log output is any indication,
it *may* have done this right at a commercial break...

So many problems, and I thought I was so close!


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