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Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Sun Sep 19 00:48:56 EDT 2004

On Saturday 18 September 2004 21:26, Chris LaForce wrote:
> > > Hey,
> > >    I think my capture card/remote(Hauppauge WinTV Theatre) falls under
> > > the second area from Jarod's site labeled "For those with bttv-based
> > > cards:".  In this area he says nothing of an .lircrc file.  Do I need
> > > one? I did follow the instructions for the lircd.conf file.  I chose
> > > the /usr/share/doc/lirc-0.7.0/remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge
> > > file. Let me know what you think.
> > > Thanks,
> >
> > I'm guessing maybe Hauppauge is standardizing on the grey remote, so I'd
> > suggest giving the lircd.conf for the PVR-x50's remote a shot. Ya got
> > nothing to lose. What lirc kernel module are you loading up?
> Hello,
>   The kernel-module that I am loading up is
> kernel-module-lirc-2.6.8-1.521.

Not the rpm, the actual kernel module, as defined in modprobe.conf. For 
example, I'm loading lirc_mceusb for my MCE USB IR receiver and lirc_i2c for 
my Hauppauge IR receiver.

> I don't see a directory 
> /usr/share/doc/ivtv-* for PVR-x50's lircd.conf file as you stated
> above.  Any more suggestions would be great.
> Thanks for your help,

D'oh. Of course not, my mistake. That would require that you had installed 
ivtv, which you haven't, since it isn't an ivtv card. Grab the ivtv tarball 
and you'll be able to find it in there.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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