[mythtv-users] I Fixed my Myth!

Jason Elwell elwell at smartlp.com
Sat Sep 18 17:10:32 EDT 2004

I have been using MythTV since .14 and really never had great 
performance out of it. 
The system is a combined backend/frontend with a 1200 AMD Duron, 512M 
RAM, 10 gig HD space to play with, PVR-250, and a Radeon 9000.  I have 
always experienced less than spectacular video quality so never really 
could justify spending money to get a faster processor or a bigger hard 

Last week my roommate began to threaten to disconnect Myth and hook the 
cable box back up to the TV!!!  I had always figured that Myth couldn't 
run on my little 1.2 Duron and that I needed some more power under the 
hood, but yesterday BestBuy had a great deal on a 200gig hard drive that 
I just couldnt pass up.  Much to my surprise after installing the new 
drive and re-mounting /var/video, MythTV .16 now works PERFECTLY!  The 
picture is great, the sound is great, no video stutter.... PERFECT!

Developers, Keep up the good work!
Jason Elwell

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