[mythtv-users] Commercial Skip in .16

John Madill jmadill at joyousnoise.com
Sat Sep 18 14:48:09 EDT 2004

I searched the archives, but couldn't find anything related to this 
issue, so I'm posting it here.

I've been using MythTV since before .11, and recently I upgraded to .16 
from .15 and since that upgrade I've noticed an anomaly related to 
commercial skip.  Myth almost always skips the first commercials in a 
recording, but after that, it doesn't skip any.

I have found that if I simply rewind back to the show portion of the 
recording, it will skip the same commercials it just played.

Is there perhaps some flag that's not getting reset after it skips some 
commercials that rewinding the recording clears?



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