[mythtv-users] excellent review of mythtv vs. MCE

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Tvoon (formerly Tivion) has a P2P system builtin so that other Tvoon users can share their
time-shifted MPEG4 media (or any other media for that matter).  Building a similar system into
MythTV would probably be rather easy due to the plethora of open source P2P projects out there, but
might attract the wrong kind of attention.  I think a good way to approach this would be to develop
the P2P functionality as a separaate add-on project for MythTV.  But yes, it would be hot.

off topic. . .  so who thinks the ATI Theatre 500 chip just announced is gonna be the shizzle ?


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> > One think that I did learn is that MCE has video on demand integrated
> > with MovieLink.  I had no idea of that.  That is one hot app that
> > MythTV is missing.  And it looks like Tivo will soon have it too with
> > this pending deal with NetFlix.
> I would love to have this in MythTv but I don't think it would happen.
> The main reason is because MythTV doesn't have a big company willing
> to bend to the MPAA wishes. Also I think there is a big misconception
> that all Open Source people just want something for free. (as in beer)
> I'd be perfectly willing to pay to get a movie from Netflix (or
> wherever) that I could watch for X hours.
> Unfortunately I'd bet Microsoft has an exclusive agreement with
> whoever they use and Tivo probably has an exclusive agreement with
> Netflix so we would be forced to find someone else. Maybe Blockbuster
> or Hollywood Video? Are there any good businessmen out there willing
> to work out a proposal? And developers, do you have any solutions that
> would allay the MPAA's fears of piracy?


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