[mythtv-users] Config Files for PVR-350 on FC?

vasudeva vasudeva at megarad.com
Fri Sep 17 08:09:49 EDT 2004

* on 09-16-04, Daniel Savard wrote:
> What version of ivtv and mythTV are you using?
> And, what are your odd problems?
> Since I am not using FC2, I cannot provide you with copies of my
> config files since they are not the same.
> The result of lsmod would be useful. In fact, as much info as you can
> provide will save us time to help you. And offline discussion should
> be a last ressort, since you may end up with more than one offline
> discussions and waste time for all those trying to help you.
> Don't be shy, let us know what is your problem! :-)

Oh, don't worry -- it's coming.

My main reason for asking for relevant config files (instead of
sending off the other painfully detailed email I have drafted) is
that there really seems to be no definitive source telling me what
needs to go into /etc/mod*.conf.  So I'm figuring the problem is
just my config files, and not something that needs a lot of group
discussion, and was hoping to true up my system before I started
taking up peoples' time.

However, this way doesn't seem to be working, so I'll be sending
round the gigantic email soon.  ;)


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