[mythtv-users] Converting from ATrpms version to CVS self-compile development

Donavan Stanley GeckoFiend at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 06:26:13 EDT 2004

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 11:15:45 -0700, Kevin Wilson <kwilson at yesvideo.com> wrote:
> - Can install/run a separate CVS version of Myth that will not interfere
> with the ATrpms version I already have installed & working?

Most versions of Myth change the database strcuture quite a bit.  So
there's no running 15.1 and CVS in different directories.  Right now
there are no database changes between .16 and CVS however that could
change at any time.  Your best bet is to backup your database whenever
a schema upgrade comes in, before you run for the first time.  That
way you have something to fall back on.

That being said, I can't recall CVS ever being unusably broken.  Major
bugs don't tend to last long in CVS either.

> - What is the wisest way to go about getting the CVS self-compile version
> working? 

The wiki at http://mythtv.info has info on upgrading from atrpms to CVS.

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