[mythtv-users] UAE on the 350?

Daniel Savard Daniel.Savard at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 21:21:13 EDT 2004

I haven't use this emulator, but it seems there is not much to expect
from the PVR-350 TV-Out for games. The problem seems to lie with the
way the screen is managed. It needs to be completely redrawn each time
rather than just updating portion of the screen that changed. So, the
penality is a slooooow game.

Accordingly to another post few days ago (may be weeks), it seems
someone is working on this issue with the ivtv driver. But, we should
not expect some kind of miracles from it. Some modifications may
enable the driver to request redrawing of sections rather than the
whole screen. What should we understand by sections? I don't know.

So, stay tune, when ready, it is supposed to be announced here.

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:50:37 +0200, Niklas Brunlid <nbr at ticalc.org> wrote:
> Just emerged UAE on my mythbox, only to find (not unexpectedly) that it
> runs a _bit_ slow on my PVR350 ivtvdev/ivtvfb driver... :)
> Searched the archives on this list and found one thread with no real
> answer, so the same question again: has anyone managed to run UAE with
> some decent speed on a PVR350?
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