[mythtv-users] .16 and via

Dave Meador dave at meadorsite.com
Thu Sep 16 20:44:04 EDT 2004

> > Ok I'm sure it's something stupid i'm missing. but in the settings.pro
> > there used to be a section mentioning the cle266 for via.. What
> > happened and how do i compile for the via now?
> >
> > Michael Luich
> If you're using cle266, do yourself a favor and check out the latest
> CVS which has patches for Unichrome viaXvMC. Works so much better (at
> least for me).
> Curtis

Hey Curtis,

I have a VIA CLE266, and was trying to upgrade my video components to use
the Unichrome drivers/patches.  I got stuck trying to use the XvMC plugin
for xine.  It tells me that I have kernel DRM 1.3.0 and at least 1.5.0 is
required.  I tried getting the latest kernel-DRI from CVS-sourceforge, but
it does not compile against my 2.6.8-1.251 epia patched kernel.

Could you please offer some advice or links that helped you get all this
Unichrome stuff working?  It would be greatly appreciated, as I only have a
bit of hair left.


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