[mythtv-users] MythMusic aborts when I try to play something

Michelle Moss michelle.moss at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 16 18:02:31 EDT 2004

David Smith wrote:

> I had this problem in 0.15.1 and it is also present in 0.16.  I have
> imported a couple CDs, so I have a library from which to play, but
> when I select the "Play Music" button, the entire MythTV application
> exits and in this case closes the X session and I am back at the login
> prompt.
> Here's is some information from the mythfrontend log:
> QObject::connect: No such slot
> PlaybackBox::handleTreeListSignals(int,IntVector*)
> QObject::connect:  (sender name:   'musictreelist')
> QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'music_playback')
> QObject::connect: No such slot PlaybackBox::previous()
> I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious, but obviously I'm missing it.

Are you using Suse by any chance? I had these problems with mythmusic 
until I found a version of QT where mythmusic and Suse would play nicely 
together. For compiling mythtv, I used the QT rpm from Řystein Olsen's 
site at http://folk.uio.no/oeysteio/apt/suse/ which seem to work well. 
He also has rpms for mythtv on Suse, though I haven't tried them yet.


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