[mythtv-users] excellent review of mythtv vs. MCE

Michael J. Lynch mlynch at gcom.com
Thu Sep 16 14:00:10 EDT 2004

Maarten wrote:

> <snip>
>Mind you, I'm not saying they're lying outright about their stated wallclock 
>time.  But I AM saying this story will lead to unattainable expectations. We 
>couldn't care less how fast a well trained anandtech crew can build a fully  
>pre-researched hard- & software project.  What is of importance is how long 
>an average person with no prior myth experience might spend on it. And that 
>is orders of magnitude longer than 4.25 hours.  Read this list and you just 
>know that to be true.
The first time I installed FC1 and Myth I used Jarod's howto and it only 
took me about 4 hours.
Worked the first time too even though I had no previous experience with 
anything but linux.


Michael J. Lynch

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