[mythtv-users] Re: PVR-250 always feeds 720x480

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-users at beirdo.ca
Thu Sep 16 13:02:21 EDT 2004

Michael S. Keller <samsara at tulsaconnect.com> wrote:
>>> No matter what I've done, the stream is 720x480. The audio does appear 
>>> to reflect what I put in the recording profile.

> Upgrade to MythTV 0.16 appears to have resolved this. Not sure what 
> really changed.

I'm not sure if the original quote was from me or not, but I also had that 
problem, and 0.16 also fixed it for me.  However, 352x240 doesn't work, but 
352x480 does.

Also the MPEG1-VCD still is non-operational.  My goal was to put Low Quality
as MPEG1-VCD at 352x240 (aka VCD), but it's not going well. :)  Ah well, I'll
stick with what works.  This could well be an ivtv funky problem and I don't
care that much because I have it working in a fashion that's useful to me.


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