[mythtv-users] Small print on TV

Shaun Jackman sjackman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 11:09:15 EDT 2004

Thanks Ian! This is exactly what I needed. I found I needed
DisplaySize 140 105 for legible text.


> All I did was 'lie' about the display size in X. In xorg.conf (or XF86Config)
> find the "Monitor" section for the TV and change (or add) the DisplaySize.
> I use a 28" Widescreen, but I used DisplaySize 300 170 which makes the fonts
> larger & sets the correct aspect ratio. (300 169 should be better for 16:9,
> but it's worse). For a 4:3 display, try something like DisplaySize 226 170
> The smaller the numbers, the larger the text.
> The advantage is that this will only change the font size on the one display.

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