[mythtv-users] current procedure for TV listings in the UK?

Steven Christall steve.c at clear.net.nz
Thu Sep 16 08:32:11 EDT 2004

Craig Tinson wrote:

> I know this has been covered.. but UK's RadioTimes site no longer works..
> So what are people using to populate their epg's? I like bleb (very 
> fast) but it doesn't provide *all* channels..
> I have Sky so have a *lot* more channels than bleb provides.. which I 
> could get from RT..
> WAF will go down if I am unable to record some of her more esoteric 
> programs she watches from some odd channels that aren't covered by bleb..
> So just wondering what other ppl in the UK with Sky are using to get 
> epg data for all channels...
> Cheers
> Craig
Hi Craig.

I am in the same boat as you.  I have switched to bleb, but it is 
missing a lot of channels

I would suggest that you register your interest in a paid XMLTV service 
by emailing sales at tvcompass.com, and state that you run an open source 
PVR solution and that you are looking for a reliable, upto date source 
of XMLTV listings data.

TVCompass currently provide RadioTimes listings data to PDAs, and they 
are currently considering providing the data in other formats.

Individual emails to them asking if they will provide this service will 
hopefully push them along!


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