[mythtv-users] Epia CPU usage

Dr. J. S. Pezaris pz at hms.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 16 08:06:42 EDT 2004

   Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:08:12 -0700
   From: James Tyson <james at giantrobot.co.nz>

   Can anyone tell me what amount of CPU it should actually be using when 
   recording?  And any tips on how to make things go a little perkier?
Hi James,

The amount of CPU taken is a strong function of the resolution.  Reduce the
resolution, and you'll reduce the amount of computation required.  

The best solution, however, is as someone else later suggsted, to get a
PVR250 board.

... and speaking of such things, does anyone know where the best deals
currently are on PVR250 boards?

... secondarily, does anyone have experience with the newer Conexant boards
with 10-bit A/Ds?

	- pz.

John Pezaris, Ph.D.
pz at hms.harvard.edu

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