[mythtv-users] Pincushion and TV Out issues

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 15 22:42:06 EDT 2004


I finally hooked my Myth box up to my TV yesterday (a basic Panasonic 27" TV). The picture look good quality, however it is way smaller than the available area of the screen (about an inch or two all round) and has horrible pincusion on the right side and a blue line at the top.

I am using an nVidia FX5600 and outputting through the SVIDEO.

I have tried it with RenderAccel on and off. It looks a little better with it off, but there's still some pincushion and the blue line.

I have messed with the TVOverscan (its currently on 0.7), but now my Linux KDE GUI is off the left edge of the screen, with a big gap still on the right.

I am not specifiying any screen size or overscan in Myth, all are set to 0, which should be auto everything. The Myth overscan doesn't make the picture wider for me, it just moves some of the viewable picture off the side of the current (too small) display area.

I used to use this SVIDEO input for my DVD player and it was fine, so its not the TV/cable/connector.

My desktop res has been tried at 1024x768 and at 800x600 all at a variety of refresh rates between 60 and 85Hz. The best looking seems t be 1024x768 @ 85Hz, which is more than I expected the TV to be able to handle, but it looks the least bad.

What/how can I tweak the display to fill the screen more, and most importantly rid myself of the pincushion.


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