[mythtv-users] MythVideo won't change browse type

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Wed Sep 15 19:11:03 EDT 2004

At 18:26 15/09/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:11:19 +0100, Stephen Tait <tait at digitallaw.co.uk> 
> > One of the key reasons for upgrading to 0.16 was the was the funky new
> > gallery mode for MythVideo, which would save me endless scrolling through
> > 500+ movies.
> >
> > But argh! No matter what I set the view type to in the settings (gallery,
> > browser, etc) whenever I go to browse videos it's always in the same
> > format; namely, the old browsing style from 0.15.
>If you're going into "browse videos" that will always show the video
>browser.  Are you using the classic menus?  Only the new menus support
>the jump point needed to use the default MythVideo view.

Right you are, works fine once I turn off classic menus. Are there any 
plans to backport the jump point to classic, or is there anything I can do 
to enable it manually...?

> > I also notice that, when in video list mode, the text and images does not
> > line up with the background (classic theme, default/blue skin) - they are
> > all placed about 50 pixels below where they should be.
>I've never looked at the gallery using Blue.

I get the same problem under GANT, but not under Titivilius (again, classic 
mode enabled).  

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