[mythtv-users] Automatic Commercial Detection - how to get it to work for all shows?

Jason Werpy jwwerpy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 17:34:14 EDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 15:10:30 -0500 (CDT), Nate Carlson
<natecars at natecarlson.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've been playing a bit with the automatic commercial detection, and can't
> seem to find a setting that will work well for all the shows that I
> record. I've tried just about all the different detection algorithms, and
> some seem to work well for some shows, but not for others at all. Has
> anyone had luck finding a setting that will work for most shows? If so,
> would you mind sharing?  :)
> Thanks!

The commercial detection is better/worse on a per channel basis.  Some
networks split out the commercials better than otheres.  Those
networks that have "bumpers" like X show will be back, work better
than those that don't.  Some networks cut the commercials pretty close
and/or actually put things in (for other reasons sometimes) that would
foil commercial detection.  I think commercail detection in myth is
really pretty good and I don't know that there'll ever be perfect

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