[mythtv-users] Suggestion: MythWeb settings in frontend

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Sep 15 16:07:36 EDT 2004

Brad wrote:

> Just updated to .16 and it seems to have gone fairly smoothly 
> ("Thank-you" to all the contributors!). However, I lost all my mythweb 
> customizations and am painstakingly trying to re-do them (argh). The 
> main problem, I think, was that I had moved all of mythweb into a new 
> folder called "hub", which I had added basic password protection to. 
> Of course, the update was unaware of this and simply made a new 
> "Mythweb" folder and installed into it. I was thinking that perhaps it 
> would be a good idea to have a setting screen for MythWeb that you 
> could define the location of the MythWeb folder and that, when 
> installing, MythTV could check that first and install in the correct 
> location. Also, I thought that maybe other MythWeb settings, currently 
> done in the conf.php file, could be in that settings pane too -- just 
> a thought.

I think your answer probably will be that the only "approved" 
installation method is manually by yourself where you control the 
locations.  Anything else is an issue for the package developers that 
are making an installer for you.


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