[mythtv-users] Parental recordings section

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Wed Sep 15 13:57:40 EDT 2004

> > I have a feature idea I wanted to toss out to the group for discussion
> and
> > consideration.
> >
> > I think it would be useful to be able to flag recordings as having a
> > certain parental level (even if it was just off/on), just like you can
> tag
> > videos in MythVideo so they don't appear without the password.
> This has been in mythvideo for a looooong time.  Dig deeper in the setup
> section :-)
> However, I'm not so sure this works for watching myth recordings, and I
> have a
> feeling this is what you want.

Uh, yes I know its in MythVideo, as I said in my original post.  My interest
was for TV recordings, not Videos.


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