[mythtv-users] Sort of OT, but about the Chaintech 7NIF2

Shawn Edwards sedwards at theedwards.org
Wed Sep 15 13:44:23 EDT 2004

Bela Lubkin wrote:
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> Is this something that gmail automatically supplies?  I've honored it
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>>Seeing as the 7NIF2 doesn't have SPDIF sound output (northbridge
>>fan/heatsink doesn't matter to me as much) is there any other board
>>suggestions someone would have?  That is, has someone replaced their
>>7NIF2 with a different board or decided for a different board over the
>>7NIF2... I'd really like SPDIF sound, though it's not a huge issue...
> Albatron KM18G Pro 2.0.  I chose it over the Chaintech, then it went out
> of stock just before I submitted my order to NewEgg.com; then
> disappeared entirely from their catalog.  :-(  It was ~$80 from NewEgg,
> ~$120 from other suppliers; I wasn't going to pay $40 extra + more
> shipping.
> KM18G Pro 2.0 has everything the 7NIF2 has, plus: composite TV-out (as
> well as Svideo); S/PDIF pinout (still have to buy the bracket); audio
> chip is ALC650 instead of CMEDIA CMI9739A -- I've seen references to the
> 650 working better under Linux or with MythTV.
> If you can find the board.
> The only nForce2 IGP micro-ATX board that's underclock/undervoltable is
> the Biostar M7NCG 400.  It has limited S/PDIF support (KM18G Pro 2.0 has
> multiple S/PDIF connectors -- coax in/out, optical out, analog) while
> the Biostar has only a coax out.
> John Goerzen wrote a very nice description comparing the two boards,
> which I would like to quote, but it was private email.  John, do you
> mind if I paste in your paragraphs that convinced me to skip the
> Biostar?

I used the 7NIF2 with a USB audio device, the Creative USB MP3, I think. 
   Worked like a champ.

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