[mythtv-users] Channel problems

Verteiler verteiler at juro.at
Wed Sep 15 13:02:00 EDT 2004

Thanks to Jarod I now migrated to 0.16 and still have the problem with 
my channels. I have cable tv here in Austria and there are a few 
channels which MythTV does not show. I have double checked the frequid 
in the channel table but no matter what I insert, the channel does not 
show. My cable tv provider has a frequency id table with the actual 
frequencies as well but I do not know whether I can insert these ...

Also, when I try to record a show, MythTV always records the same 
channel - but I guess that is a symptom of the above mentioned problem.

Any ideas what went wrong? Anything would be appreciated!

-- Verteiler

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